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New Arrival from TheJVWR: Pedagogy – Taking Stock and Looking Forward (part 1)

Volume 11, Number 3 (2018):
Pedagogy – Taking Stock and Looking Forward (Part 1)

Issue Editors: Kenneth Y. T. Lim, National Institute of Education, Singapore and Cátia Ferreira, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of a landmark issue of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, which was themed on ‘Pedagogy.’ Issue No. 1 in Vol. 2 of the journal was the fruition of a vision of the late Leslie Jarmon. Dr. Jarmon was a pioneer academic in the use of virtual worlds and immersive environments for learning.

This issue aims to document both the present and emerging state-of-the-art, covering the adoption, design, enaction, scaling and translation of immersive and/or mixed-reality environments for learning, and in other contexts of education.

Issue Editor Corner

Kenneth Y T Lim, Catia Ferreira

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Marginalized Urban Indigenous Youth and the Virtual World of Second Life: Understanding the Past and Building a Hopeful Future
Joe Cloutier

Designing Digital Badges to Improve Learning in Virtual Worlds
Joey R Fanfarelli

Student Perception of Open and Mobile Space Designs for Autonomous English Language Learning in Second Life
Dean Anthony Fabi Gui

The Game of Inventing: Ludic Heuristics, Ontological Play, and Pleasurable Research
Jacob Steven Euteneuer

A Teaching Method Based on Virtual Worlds and Mastery Learning
Felipe Becker Nunes, Aliane Loureiro Krassmann, Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco, José Valdeni De Lima

Representations of Novice Conceptions with Learner-Generated Augmentation: A Framework for Curriculum Design with Augmented Reality
Kenneth Y T Lim, Kelvin H.-C. Chen, Sheau-Wen Lin, Jong-Chin Huang, Kristal S-E Ng, Joel J L Ng, Yifei Wang, Nicholas Woong

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