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Project Nourished

Project Nourished allows you to experience dining in a whole new way without caloric intake; while maintaining taste, smell and touch.

Project Nourished reexamines modern methods of dietary consumption by allowing participants to experience fine dining without concern for caloric intake or other health-related issues. By merging the physicality of molecular gastronomy with virtual reality, we can finally enjoy any food we want in a whole new way.



Rather than mirroring the every foods that we are used to, you will preconceive your very own gastronomical experience that was said to be impossible. Imagine being able to dine in the world in your favorite storybook or film, enjoying foods that are completely out of this world.

Project Nourished makes food more sustainable by utilizing ingredients such as algae and yeast. The technology can even be used to preserve foods for the future generations by creating chemical and digital carbon copies; in case of overfishing or natural disaster.


Project Nourished: A Gastronomical Virtual Reality Experience – Video


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