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3D Printed Dress Becomes Increasingly Transparent

How technology enables the creation of new kinds of outfits that change digitally. Watch the animated gif… to get the feel or the movie. The possibilities are endless.

“In the digital realm, we are naked all the time” concept has been adapted by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro G. C. Oliveira to create a sculptural dress that reflects the amount of personal information its wearer share online—the more data is shared, the more transparent it would become.


Made of a 3D-printed, personalized mesh, the dress works with a mobile app that automatically collects Chen’s geolocation data—this set of data is then transmitted to the dress and its “20 hand-cut reactive displays” via Bluetooth, which would then reflect the information accordingly.

For instance, the displays representing the neighborhood that the designer is in would start pulsing, alternating between being opaque and transparent. As more date is collected, more areas of the dress would become see-through.
Video at Vimeo
[vimeo 97703615 w=640 h=360] 

More details about the technology and operation.

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