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Review: SL Viewer for Rift + Video

SL for Rift photo

Finally, the official Linden Lab Second Life viewer Beta for Oculus rift is here. This is a short technical report about it.

So install was easy. Like a regular viewer. You just get another version of it named “Second Life Project Oculus Rift”

You then run the software (assuming your hardware is connected). You press CTRL+SHIFT+D and the screen turn into the familiar 2 bubbles for the Rift to process.

Once you are inside you can remove the interface (CTRL+SHIFT+U) to fully immerse yourself.

I used my old computer for this, so the graphics card was not the best.

Bottom line:

  1. Usual rift experience of immersion but with your own content (AMAZING).
  2. Interface — BIG problem. Solutions will have to be developed cause keyboard is useless with Rift.
  3. Resolution — not as good (could be my graphics cards).
  4. Camera mode (“M”) did not work well.
  5. This show lots of promise.

    Longer video of demo was published by Marc Weerts (now marked private): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSLQzZwSFrO3ObkLX9gatTwiYfPnN237J

See also another cool example of Rift.


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