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Video: Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain

Doctors have devised a new way to treat amputees with phantom limb pain.

Using computer-generated augmented reality, the patient can see and move a virtual arm controlled by their stump.

Electric signals from the muscles in the amputated limb “talk” to the computer, allowing real-time movement.


virtual arm eases phanom limb pain
Amputee Ture Johanson moves his virtual hand on the computer screen

Mr. Johanson, who is 73 and lives in Sweden, lost half of his right arm in a car accident 48 years ago.¬†Within weeks of starting on the augmented reality treatment in Max Ortiz Catalan’s clinic at Chalmers University of Technology, his pain has now eased.


Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-26327457

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