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A Day in Your Life 2015 with (Google) Glass

A review of Google Glass and related technologies will be given in Milan, Italy 2013 as part of JVWR ICIS2013 Workshop “Via the Looking Glass” Milan, Italy, Sunday 15-Dec-2013.

By: Ido Yavnai & David Zakariaie

In this guest blog post we will try to review the many different usages of Google Glass. Our goal is to encourage even more ideas. If we miss something let us know. Send email to ido.yavnai AT metaverse-labs DOT com



It’s the summer of 2015, one year since the public release of Google Glass. You get out of bed and put on Glass, now your day can begin. “Good Morning Glass!” Glass immediately responds by disarming your alarm, brewing your coffee, and turning on the toaster (this is Internet of things in the making. As you go the washroom, Object Recognition technology in Glass realizes you are running low on soap and adds it to your shopping list. “Ok Glass start my Volt”. Your car radio starts your favorite playlist, and the thermostat is set to the perfect temperature. The perfect day has just begun.

On the way to work

You are on your way to work. Glass is offering you a better and a shorter way to your office depends on traffic jams.

At the airport

Glass enables a much smoother – more importantly, faster – airport experience, whether you are arriving at the airport hours before your flight, or rushing to make a tight international connection. The experience is seamless from check-in to boarding.

A few hours before your flight a Google Now card is automatically generated with your flight information such as time, terminal, gate as well as maps of where you need to go. As you walk into the airport Glass guides you to the check-in desk and then displays your confirmation number for you (the airline company recognized you according to your Glass and they confirmed your identity via retina scan). Post security Glass becomes an information Mecca, guiding you to the best stores and restaurants in the terminal. When it’s finally time to board, Glass will give you directions to your gate and help you ensure you make your flight on time. Finally when you land Glass guides you to the proper baggage carousel. And more critically – will find your luggage.


In the middle of an NBA game (Heat vs Lakers)

Koby Bryant just made a shot. Now you know that he has 23 points at 52.7%. Glass recognizes the player, and for each shot it shows you his statistic performance of the game. Now it’s more fun to see the game!

When you try to find which dress is better on you

Glass Advertising & Shopping experience: You’ve just entered the mall. Glass start to show you great deals in shops near you. It also gives you coupons for a free drink in the new coffee shop and gives you directions to the entrance. But you can also see yourself “wearing” the clothes, upload it through the Glass network glasses and get real-time feedback if it fits you.

In your favorite band concert

Now you can take some pictures and video without missing the show! Send it to your Facebook or Google+ page. You can also build a private network (or GPS based) with your friends in the concert and create a live streaming video from the show. A couple of glasses combined together.

What else can we do with Glass? Let’s see how it is going to reflect our basic behavior in some situations.

Facebook and Twitter

Both Facebook and Twitter for Glass present new interfaces for a familiar experience. Facebook for Google Glass turns Glass into a camera and therefore enables Glass to take photos that are shared only to your wall or to a group of friends. Twitter enables you to not only tweet but to receive notifications whenever a tweet is retweeted or when you are mentioned. As well you can have direct messages with the people you are following.

Family Time

Take a picture of your loved ones; make a short video,Instagram etc. Hands free.

Augmented Games

Gaming on Google Glass is an experience unlike any other. Unlike devices that block your entire field of vision Glass enables you to game, while you remain engaged in the physical world. Imagine playing shoot’em up games with friends in the real world. Running around outside, Glass would morph its interface into a gun and send bullets towards friends or objects. However, you better watch out or your friends might just return fire. It is also great for golf games…

Augmented Reality

You don’t need a watch to know your speed when you jog; you can compete against your time from last week or against virtual runners that are “running” just near you. You can see the name of every mountain when you hike, and even all the names of flowers, birds, and trees surrounding you.

As you drive across the Brooklyn Bridge imagine seeing facts about its amazing history etc. As you ski down the Black Diamond slope getting directions and warnings on anything that can be affecting your experience. Glass doesn’t augment reality, it only adds to it.


You are traveling in a foreign country and do not understand the signs? Yes, there was a time that we used a typewriter to write letters…

With Glass, all these things belong to the past.

All signs appear with translation into your native language in real-time. The Babel fish vision comes true!

Glass for the Blind

Glass has the ability to help the visually impaired regain their freedom.

By using Object Recognition technology Glass can explain and describe the physical world to those that can’t see it. Glass can notify when street lights have changed color to help cross the street or describe where doors and other building’s features are.

Google Searches

Google Searches are perhaps the most commonly used functionality on Google Glass. Whatever comes up, you can instantly look it up hands free. Imagine looking at a bird and asking Google to identify it and give you fun facts. You could be looking at a museum exhibit and look up the piece to learn more about its history. No matter where you are, the world is literally in front of you.

The world through Glass will never be the same. Glass doesn’t interfere with your routine, however, the unique position above your eye makes it the perfect companion.

On the other hand, we don’t know yet how it is going to influence the concentration of people; it looks funny and all the things you do (and see!) are connecting directly to Google servers. Your privacy is gone forever.

Glass is the best way of wearing technology. And it’s one-year from now. Is the next revolution near? Time will tell.

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