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The Metaverse Assembled – JVWR 1st Issue of 2013 is published (30-Apr-2013)

We are happy to announce the new publication of The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research:

Volume 6, Number 1: The Metaverse Assembled (2013)


The editorial team:

  • Leonel Morgado, INESC TEC (formerly INESC Porto), UTAD – University of Trás-os-Montes Alto Douro, Portugal
  • Nelson Zagalo, University of Minho, Portugal


In this issue, you will find selected papers from Slactions 2012 as well as other papers from 2012. These six papers present the diversity of topics and research methods in our field. JVWR will continue to encourage this diverse approach as we explore and expand our field.

 (Cover: Nelson Fernandes)

Managing Editor Corner

Research Papers

We are also happy to let you know of the following:

If you are interested in publishing a literature review on a particular area of Virtual Worlds, see our special Lantern issue, due to be published beginning of 2014.

Enjoy your read.


Tzafnat Shpak

Coordinating Editor


Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan

Managing Editor

TheJVWR – The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research


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