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The Power of Collaboration: Manpower’s First Year in Second Life

Coming back from Second Life conference: I met (again) Rita King, the CEO and creative leader of Dancing Ink Productions – an agency that specialized in … doing cool things in virtual worlds.

One of their latest reports documents the usage of Second Life for Manpower.

As part of a major event celebrating Manpower’s first year in Second Life, Dancing Ink Productions produced the above report, “Power of Collaboration: Manpower’s First Year in Second Life.” The report explores the changing nature of work and employment in light of the continued growth of virtual worlds.

“Providing a safe place for individuals, whether they learn to fly, learn to teleport to other islands, or create avatars that don’t scream ‘newbie;’ is the next step in preparing individuals for such emerging markets – as virtual worlds,” Darrow said. “We help individuals prepare for and navigate the changing world of work; and we are working to attract a new set of candidates. We know this medium attracts tech savvy individuals and people with impressive skills in the visual arts.”


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