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First Look: AQROS Beta – Social Mobile Second Life Messanger

To download the Beta client go to http://get.aqros.com
To read more about Aqros see http://blog.aqros.com (Lots of info here.)

I have been working with Aqros to fine tune their Social Virtual Worlds Messenger. Their vision is simple: “Allow you to connect with your virtual worlds friends anywhere with your mobile.” The first version worlds with Second Life. It looks like this:

Other phones models (even simple ones that can still run Java) can also run the client.

Key features:
1. See your friend list (including their status: offline, online, mobile) and IM with them.
2. Chat with neighbors (yes, you are actually in-world with you avatar from your mobile).
3. Teleport to landmarks (your own landmarks and others)
4. Wake up your friends when they are NOT in second life.
5. All this while maintaining your SL identify (never revealing your real name or phone number).’Aqros’ was developed as generic technology that will allow Virtual Worlds and MMOGs to deliver players a mobile extension.

This first system is the mobile extension to Second Life as the first world. Many other worlds and games will follow.

Disclosure: Aqros is a client of Metaverse Labs.

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