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13-year-old girl who later committed suicide after her virtual boyfriend​ left her

According to LA Times (16-May-2008) :

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles on Thursday charged a Missouri mother with fraudulently creating a MySpace account and using it to “cyber-bully” a 13-year-old girl who later committed suicide.

The girl, Megan Meier, hanged herself in her upstairs bedroom two years ago, shortly after being jilted by an Internet suitor she thought was a 16-year-old boy. The case caused a national furor when it was alleged that the “boy” was actually Lori Drew, the mother of one of Megan’s former friends.Real Virtual Worlds can be painfully “real.” As more of these worlds become part of our lives we need to educate ourselves about the dark sides of virtual life. Real virtual worlds are not a game — they are yet another part of life with all the good and the bad.

See a video on CNN.


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