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Hands Free 3D: Second Life Navigation Demo


From Mitch Kapor. A nice combination of technologies. (The 3D Camera was already designed by Israeli 3DV Systems).

“It’s only a mere 3 months since Mitch and I sat together and decided to kick start this project,” notes developer Philippe Bossut on the Handsfree 3D blog. “It was just a hunch, an itch to scratch: we both thought that the status quo– limiting the totality of our interactions with computers to mouse and keyboard, wouldn’t stand for very long. Indeed, researchers have been looking to make computing ‘pervasive’ for a decade now, using more and more inputs from more and more devices. But, until now, they have all been clunky and expensive. The recent eruption in consumer products of things like multitouch for iPhone and gesturing in Wii demonstrates that this is changing and that a wide public is eager to move beyond that mouse and keyboard world we’ve been bound to for the last 25 years.”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t52gkAwJq8


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