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CamStudio a tool to Capture Video

CamStudio is a small FREE utility to capture video. While it has a minimal set of features it is working and quite well.

Here’s what you need to do (most basic)

Load the software and run it.
Load also CamStudioCodec and run it.

Set keyboard short cuts (for example “s” for start/pause “x” for stop and “c” to cancel).
[if you have time play with video and text annotation — nice feature).

Capture screen, area, or even a panned area.

Save the end result.

For final editing, I use Microsoft Movie Maker (used to be free with Win XP).
(you should have it with windows update).

For the ultimate guide to making videos in second life see
http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Movie_help (by Troly)

Note all the tips and tricks as to how to control your camera.

Note: older versions of the SL client has a built-in video capture this is no longer the case.


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