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HiPiHi: a Chinese version of the Metaverse

In this 7-min Video, we see a first look of at which purports to be a Chinese version of Second Life.”

HiPiHi (pronounced “high-pee-high”) literally translates to “The World Exists Because Of You.”
(Quite similar to Second Life’s official slogan, “Your World. Your Imagination”.)- Has been in development since 2005, only going into Beta now.- As with Second Life, includes 3D user-creation tools, purports to allow users to retain retain property rights over their creations, and includes an in-world currency.- Includes two discrete products: HiPiHi World, and HiPiHi Home, a private space for users in which they can invite their friends. Lee points out the similarity in this regard to South Korea’s CyWorld, the extraordinarily popular apartment-based online world/social network which boasts 18 million users.


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