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Nintendo Wii: Hardware for the Metaverse

So… finally, I got a chance to play with the Wii joystick. What an amazing feel. As most of you know, Wii is the brand for the Nintendo latest game (read more here). There is one innovation in this game that makes this tool very interesting. The Wii joystick.
Technically the joystick is built around motion sensing. and it works!
Wikipedia says:

The Wii Remote, also nicknamed “Wiimote,” is the
primary controller for Nintendo‘s Wii console. The main
features of the Wii Remote are its motion sensing
capability, which allows the user to interact with and manipulate items on
screen via movement and pointing, as well as its expandability through the use
of attachments.


Be aware that some reported real damage caused by the Wii… yes kids are really moving themselves breaking LCD and plasma screens as well as getting their pets hurt.

The Wii remote (that has API for Windows) can be used for many things… the nice thing about it that it make actions in virtual worlds seem easy.
Movie about the Wii (nice examples)
A Funny movie that compares the Wii and PlayStation 3 (could be considered sexist to some).
(thanks for http://www.garagegeeks.org/ for the demo)

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