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Using Flatland to Understand the Metaverse

I am often asked about linking the Metaverse and the Realverse — or in Second Life term: linking SL to RL. Well … one of the most interesting mental models to think about this came to me from the classic book Flatland. Interestingly Flatland is about Romance…


200px-Flatland_cover“Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is an 1884 novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott, still popular among mathematics and computer science students, and considered useful reading for people studying topics such as the concept of other dimensions. As a piece of literature, Flatland is respected for its satire on the social hierarchy of Victorian society.”


Metaverse is really another dimension to our real life; it does not replace it; simply augment it — at least if we follow the route of Flatland. BTW, the entire Flatland book can be using wiki source.

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